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As the authorized distributor of IntegraSpec Insulating Concrete Form, we are now able to offer our customers an ICF that has addressed all known deficiencies in the ICF industry such as wavy walls, blow outs, form compression and form lift, easy concrete consolidation, fast construction, design flexibility, lower shipping costs and little to none construction waste.

ICF'S - the preferred wall construction technology of the 21st century

To quote the Insulating Concrete Form Association (ICFA) "There's revolution underway in the construction world. ICF use has grown explosively in recent years".

When building a new home consider your lifestyle. A home is the largest investment you will ever make. Make your new home an ICF Home and turn it into a SOLID INVESTMENT.

Today's buyer expects an increased quality of life from their new home. Insulated Concrete Forms, supplied by IntegraSpec Building Systems, offer you all the benefits which today's educated home buyer expects, by incorporating quality construction and innovation in a superior living environment.

What are some of the benefits?

Our homeowners and commercial clients boast:

IntegraEfficiency - ICF homes come with built-in Energy Savings and Comfort. The combination of foam insulation and concrete provides a higher R-value (2.5 times higher). Studies have shown that drafts, hot spots and cold spots are virtually eliminated in an ICF home, and factors into heating and cooling costs being reduced by more than 40% per year.

IntegraSmart- low maintenance costs without twisting lumber and nail pops. ICF homes can be designed in any style with your chosen exterior finish.

IntegraGreen- healthy indoor air quality (IntegraSpec has won numerous enviro home and build green awards). ICF homes provide a healthier indoor environment. Solid concrete walls act as a continuous barrier against air infiltration. The interior environment of an ICF home has a greatly reduced level of airborne dust and allergens when fresh air exchanger and humidifiers are used. Studies have shown that when the air content within ICF homes was measured, it showed an almost complete absence of any emission.

IntegraQuiet- Extremely quiet indoor living conditions provide a very peaceful living environment without outside noise intrusions. ICF homes are quiet, and the concrete walls of an ICF house provide safety. They can resist tornados and hurricanes. Home owners have commented on how quiet their new home is. The usual noises from outside are muffled, ICF walls allow less than one third (1/3) as much noise to pass through the walls, than the traditionally built wood-frame home with fiberglass insulation, and are ready for drywall.

IntegraSafe - Total exterior walls can be structurally safer with a combination of concrete and steel. Considered shelters from hurricanes, tornado, etc.

Join the thousands of satisfied IntegraSpec ICF owners and consider using IntegraSpec in your next project!

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Our mission at IntegraSpec Building Systems always will be to serve our customers better than anyone else.

Our success requires us to provide our customers with value through our products, services and training, committing ourselves to providing the quality they expect.

Our trust in our employees with respect to the individual contributions they make to build on the success of IntegraSpec Building Systems.

Our commitment is to support the communities in which our employees and customers live and work. We will use our time and resources to preserve our role as a partner, neighbor and friend, in distributing energy efficient, build green, healthy home construction products.

IntegraSpec Building Systems will prosper by making good business decisions that enhance our operations and create superior value for our customers.

By pursuing these goals, IntegraSpec Building Systems will continue to build on our foundation as a world-class distributor that conducts its business with integrity. Through open communication with our customers, employees and communities we will adapt to changing times while holding true to the fundamentals that support both our growth and stability.

We shall pursue our mission with a passion for what we do and focus on priorities that will truly make a difference in our future.
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