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IntegraSpec, The Award Winning Insulated Concrete Form (ICF)

So what's all the fuss about?

IntegraSpec is an award winning insulated concrete wallsystem that recently won The Global Traders Innovation Award recognizing IntegraSpec's unique patented technology that enables contractors to work faster, more accurately and with less waste than other ICF's on the market today. This technology is also recognized by the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, touting Canada's gift to the Construction Industry.

So what can IntegraSpec do for the homeowner?

IntegraSpec offers a super insulated concrete wall system, reinforced with steel rebar which far exceeds the conventional building code. Any exterior wall, either below grade or above grade can be constructed using IntegraSpec. The homeowner can save up to 70% of their heat and cooling costs since the wall system can deliver award winning insulating performance. IntegraSpec homes are extremely quiet, reducing unwelcome exterior noises such as wind, traffic, etc. The steel reinforced concrete walls provide a safe haven against strong storms, tornados and hurricanes. The "build green" components present a healthy home environment for your family eliminating harmful off gassing, mould and mildew. All of these benefits at an affordable cost.

IntegraSpec homes and builders have won the Cement Association's National Energy Efficiency Award for the past two years. IntegraSpec homes and builders have won the R-2000's Environmental Excellence, Technical Excellence and Design Excellence Awards. These awards recognize IntegraSpec's ability to deliver structural stability, indoor air quality and energy efficiency as mentioned above.

So why are some builders not using an ICF?

Fear of change. Some builders are afraid to stray from the building practices that they started with. New technology concerns them.

Some builders think that the cost of an ICF wall system is too costly. This is not an accurate assumption, an average foundation costs approx. $2,000 more than the minimum conventional foundation at the drywall stage. An average main level costs approx. $4,000 more than conventional stick frame, exterior walls. These comparisons don't even consider equitable structural or insulation performances.

"Spec" builders have included IntegraSpec in their home packages. They understand the benefits ICF's offer and want their quality to be recognized from the foundation up.

All builders are able to provide a quick cost estimate for their clients to build an ICF home. Insulated Concrete Solutions, your local Authorized IntegraSpec Distributor offers quick estimates, free of charge. If you cannot find a builder who will use an ICF, Insulated Concrete Solutions would be pleased to provide the names and references of builders or subcontractors who are Certified IntegraSpec Installers and recognize the benefits of IntegraSpec.

IntegraSpec® has been created with the input of structural engineers, computer assisted design, and more than 75 years of field experience in residential/commercial concrete forms and the general construction industry. The IntegraSpec® insulating concrete form (ICF)/building system was designed to address and eliminate the problems that most ICF systems encounter: blowouts, form unit flotation and bulging, wall compression, wavy walls. It has also been designed to dramatically reduce waste, set up/bracing and labour costs, shipping costs and delivery date(s). IntegraSpec®'s quality and performance give the builder(s) the edge on delivering a higher end finished product/result while also increasing their profits on large or small projects and in all markets: low-rise & multilevel commercial, industrial, institutional, retrofit and residential construction.

Insulated concrete has always had the potential to decrease construction cost and time, provide outstanding monthly heating/cooling and mechanical systems savings, give superior sound and fire resistance, and lessen operating/maintenance costs. IntegraSpec® insulating concrete forms (ICF)/building system delivers on those principles with increased quality, performance, integrity, profitability and satisfaction.

The IntegraSpec® system consists of stay-in-place expanded polystyrene form units suited for low-rise & multilevel commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction. IntegraSpec® form units are simply interlocked in courses with quick snap in rebar placement. After the rapid block set up and simple alignment, concrete is poured. The resulting monolithic solid wall structure is complete and ready for exterior/interior finish. IntegraSpec® integrates quick and easy form work, structure, insulation, studs/strapping, vapor/air barriers, into one cost and time efficient building system.

Standard Panel / Spacer

Form units are independent of direction to reduce wastage and speed work time by allowing units to be laid no matter which way they face or are oriented.

Slide-in web spacer allows flat, reduced cost, panel to panel shipping and easy concrete width adjustability.


Web spacer provides snap-in rebar placement, mechanical form unit interlocking and speeds work time by quickly adjusting for openings and specific wall heights.

Slide-in web spacer allows form units to be assembled with panels even, offset left/right and/or up/down providing quick adjustability for different flooring and roofing systems.

Slide portion of individual inserts is flush with interior panels and flared for easy insertion of the web spacers.

45 degree panels

90 degree corner panel unit.

Also available in commercial 90 degree corner units.

Taper top panels

Brick ledge Panels

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